Sometimes you trip over something beautiful unintentionally, sometimes it’s what you’re looking for, but not where you’re expecting it!

Sunday we took ourselves off to a local brocante, but after two days travelling we were late, and roadworks seem to be an international pastime at present!  So failing to find anywhere to park we decided to head “home”. That decision proved to be wise…we discovered two beautiful places to stop (or return to).  We did that yesterday and found the most perfect shutters at one.  Complete pairs, still with their latch.  The colours alone are glorious, but they’re made to last, heavyweights… they’ve survived the Provence blistering sun, the winds and snow!  These will be with us at, at least, one of our spring fairs!  Visit my Diary to see dates and where…

There is a romance, and now I have to find some for our own home French doors!

C’est la vie! xx

Blue shuttersGreen Shutters